Healthier Air

School Run Parking

The City Council has developed the prioritised School Run Parking programme to address traffic issues around 117 schools in Leicester City. The curWP_20170821_11_53_33_Prorent programme runs to March 2019 and is part of the approved £2.2M Parking Strategy initiative developed in 2016 to implement a range of safety measures around schools to address speeding, congestion, inconsiderate, dangerous and illegal parking. The improvement measures include hard measures such as the installation of bollards and railings, and soft measures which focus on implementing behavioural changes, aimed at parents and children.

Air quality

Poor air quality affects people’s health and damages the environment. Leicester has two main pollutants of concern: nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, and the main source of these pollutants is road traffic, in particular diesel engines. We are asking you to support tackling air quality by tackling parking around your school and encouraging sustainable transport for students, staff and parents.

These promotional materials have been designed to persuade parents/carers parking outside schools to turn off their engine. Printable versions are available for download at the bottom of the page.

Anti Idling 1


Anti Idling 2

Book-bag Flyer










Anti Idling Carsticker

Car Sticker







Healthier Air for Schools Award

Leicester City Schools are encouraged to participate in the Healthier Air for Leicester Schools Award which is based on criteria for activities that will support your schools award. Participating in the ‘Switch off your engine for cleaner air’ campaign will contribute towards achieving this award.


In order to achieve a pass in the Healthier Air in Schools award you will need to submit evidence of:

  1. Achieving at least your Silver Eco-Schools Award with the topic of Transport covered
  2. At least 1 ongoing scheme, for example Living Streets – Walk to School, Sustrans – Bike It, which has lasted a minimum of 2 terms
  3. At least 1 event involving parents and the community e.g. Car-Free Day, Clean Air Day, raising awareness of the problem of idling*
*(Idling refers to running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle is not in motion, i.e. parking outside the school gates)

You can also achieve a merit by evidencing other activities which have taken place in the last 12 months in school. A list of examples can be found in the download below.


You can submit your evidence at any time, and submissions will be reviewed monthly. All schools who achieve the award will be invited to the celebration event at City Hall on Tuesday 12 June 2018.

Further information on the Healthier Air for Schools Award including examples of evidence and submission deadlines can be found here: Healthier Air for Schools Award (71 downloads)

Promotional Material Downloads:

Healthier Air Poster (87 downloads)   |  Healthier Air Book-Bag Flyer (86 downloads) Healthier Air Car Sticker (81 downloads)