Horsefair Street bus gate enforcement


Enforcement of a new bus gate in a city centre street is due to begin next week to tackle congestion caused by the number of unauthorised vehicles using it.  The bus gate is installed on a section of Horsefair Street between its junction with Market Place Approach and Granby Street and comes into effect on Monday 16 January.  Despite the street being designated for use by buses, Hackney cabs, blue badge holders and for loading access only, hundreds of drivers use it every day, causing traffic congestion and creating a pinch point for key bus routes through the city centre.  It is hoped that removing unauthorised vehicles from the section of Horsefair Street will cut the traffic by about 38 percent and so reduce delays to bus services and other vehicles who legitimately use the route.

As part of the same scheme, the speed limit on Horsefair Street will be cut to 20mph.  A 20mph speed limit is also being introduced in a number of other streets, including Granby Street between Bishop Street and Halford Street; Halford Street between Granby Street and Charles Street; the entire length of Free Lane and Lower Free Lane, and the entire length of both Market Place Approach and Market Place South.

Horsefair Street will now remain out of bounds to ordinary traffic between 7.30am and 6pm, with vehicles using it outside of those hours exiting via Market Place Approach.

During the first two weeks of enforcement, drivers of unauthorised vehicles will be sent warning notices, rather than fines.  Fines will be issued from Monday 30 January. Motorists caught driving in the bus lane from that date will be fined £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

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