Leicestershire CommuteZero Steering Group

2:00pm - 2:45pm


Leicestershire County Council in partnership with commute experts Mobilityways are delivering a webinar on Leicestershire CommuteZero Steering Group and you are invited to join using the below link.

 The Department for Transport has released the Government’s Decarbonisation Plan, stating the Government’s priorities, current challenges and steps to be taken to ensure that the UK reaches net zero transport emissions by 2050.

 Leicestershire County Council has joined the UK100 coalition of the UK’s most ambitious local leaders, pledging to support constituents achieve net-zero by 2045 – five years sooner than the government target of 2050.

Join the webinar if your business is based in the County to find out how you can become a founding member of the Leicestershire CommuteZero Steering Group, or if your business is outside the County and you would like to understand:

 The impacts from the Decarbonising Transport Plan

  • How does sustainable commuting support the DfT Plan’s aims?
  • What key next steps your organisation needs to consider
  • How does it relate to your own net zero goals, and your contribution to Leicestershire’s 2045 target?
  • How to expand your baseline emissions data, specifically understanding Scope 3 commute emissions in more detail

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