Grants for Smarter Travel

Organisations within Leicestershire are invited to submit a bid for up to £5000 in matched funding* to support active and sustainable travel initiatives. 


How can my business and employees benefit?

Support employees to access their place of work in line with Government Covid Guidance and reduce pressure on the public transport system and road network:

  • Financial savings for your organisation (e.g. reduced vehicle mileage expenses)
  •  Unlock new travel options for your staff/visitors – more get to work on time / with less hassle
  •  A healthier, more productive workforce, resulting in fewer sick days
  •  Reduces congestion in your car park/on nearby streets
  •  Helps meet your corporate social responsibility and supports carbon management strategies

Our Grants for smarter Travel can help to  normalise, facilitate and support active and sustainable travel for employees.

What can grant funding be used towards?

Cycle / motorcycle / scooter parking stands and shelters

 Showers / lockers / drying / changing facilities for cyclists, motorcyclists, walkers, runners

 Pool bikes (pedal or electric) and accessories (e.g. helmets / lights)

 Cycle maintenance equipment (e.g. pump/tool station)

 Teleconferencing / mobile ICT solutions (e.g. remote access / tablets / laptops). This list is not definitive. Please discuss any other ideas with us prior to submitting your application.


Bids of up to £5000 are invited from any organisation based in Leicestershire, City organisations can apply to the Leicester City Council Walking and Cycling team.

Applications can be made on behalf of:

  • Any business or organisation, including charities, not for profit and public sector agencies, based or operating in Leicestershire
  • A specific workplace or section within such businesses or other organisation
  • Commercial or public service premises (not private residence) currently attracting visitors or customers by car.

Applicants should be committed to promoting active and sustainable travel choices to their staff and will be required to submit monitoring information in relation to their project, before and after implementation. Please contact the Choose how you Move Team if you require more information on how this can be provided.

How to apply

Please visit Grants for Smarter Travel guidance notes for more information on how to apply and fill in your Grants for Smarter Travel application form.


Current funding window closes Friday 29th Oct 2021,all applications will be considered following this date

*match funding-please contact us to discuss


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