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A sustainable workplace has never been more important. As our society moves towards implementing more carbon reducing policies and behaviour, relying on cars will become ever more restrictive and expensive.

The county council based team supports businesses, who recognise the health, environmental and financial benefits of encouraging their staff to make commute and in-work journeys by active and sustainable transport.

Our Business Engagement Programme will help you to develop and incorporate active and sustainable travel as part of your workplace culture.

Research shows that your staff could be healthier, happier and more productive if they can travel to work actively and sustainability.

Given the right support and opportunity many staff would change how they travel to work. Why not take advantage of our free service to see how we can help you? It’s good for business, what have you got to lose?

We can support your business through:

  • Business Engagement Scheme

Our team are offering out their successful behaviour change programme across Leicestershire, free of charge to county based organisations. This programme aims to incite culture and policy change throughout your workplace to reduce the number of single passenger cars travelling to your site(s) and increase the numbers of staff choosing to car share, cycle, walk or use public transport. 

A dedicated member of the Choose How You Move team will be in place to curate a personalised plan for your business and work within your company twice a month to fully implement a 12-month programme of initiatives aimed at initiating and sustaining sustainable and active travel behaviours of staff and visitors.

 Leicestershire County Council are committed to supporting businesses and communities with active and sustainable travel. Grants of up £2500  are available to help boost the levels of active and sustainable travel amongst your staff or within your community. Grants are to be match funded and designed to help you overcome barriers to active travel, for instance by funding cycle parking, lockers or showers.

Modeshift STARS (Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition Scheme) is a nationally recognised way to easily create a company travel plan (essential for future expansion or planning applications) and recognise excellence in supporting sustainable travel. Our team can support you through gaining your accreditation.

We have a team of cycling experts who can deliver skills courses designed around your employee’s experience and your business needs. Our experienced and friendly instructors have an extensive knowledge of the local cycle network and will help find safe and sustainable ways for your staff to get to work.

  • Travel Clinics

We can host a free travel clinic tailored to your business needs where your staff can access personalised travel advice, free cycle maintenance services, distribution of the latest Leicestershire travel information and much more.

Electric bikes are proving a popular choice for an active and sustainable way to commute to work. Whether you’re just getting into commuting by bike, you need to take it easier when exercising, or your commute is long, electric bikes are a great way to leave your car at home more often and enjoy a bike ride. We have a free, short term loan scheme so you can try an electric bike before getting your own. Businesses can apply for the loan of up to 6 e-bikes and all the equipment to go with them, to give out to staff to try out. 


Every business is different, our team are happy to talk through how we can help your workplace. Get in touch at choosehowyoumove@leics.gov.uk call 0116 3057233 or follow us on LinkedIn



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