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The key to improving activity levels, the environment and reducing congestion around schools is to educate and inspire children. It is important when encouraging active and sustainable travel that children are taught the practical ‘how to make journeys’ as well as the ‘safety aspects’. By giving children the confidence in their ability to make everyday journeys independently and safely, and the knowledge needed to make sustainable choices, children will be empowered to develop life-long sustainable habits. check out the resources below to see how you could inspire a sustainable generation.

Switch of your engine clean air assembly

An assembly suitable for KS1/2 to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of leaving engines idling around school.

switch off your engine for cleaner air

Introduction to air pollution assembly

A useful power point introduction to the causes of and ways to improve air quality. Suitable for KS1/2

Air pollution assembly KS2

Setting up a Park and Stride


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