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The electric vehicle market is expanding and the Government’s recently launched ‘Road to Zero’ strategy will stimulate further momentum in this area.  The Office for Low Emission Vehicles currently has incentives available to promote and increase the uptake of electric vehicles.




Electric charging points

There are a growing number of off-street electric vehicle charging points across the country in public car parks, workplaces and car dealerships. Electric vehicle owners travelling in Leicestershire can now leave their car on charge whilst taking the bus into Leicester from any of our three park & ride sites, Birstall, Enderby, and Meynell’s Gorse.

The link below will take you to a map with the locations of public off- street charge-points in Leicestershire. Zap-map will tell you the provider of the charge-point, the type of charge, its availability and if there is an utilisation fee.

Map of UK charging points

If you would like to charge a vehicle at home, or are an employer who would like to provide charging facilities for your staff, the Government offers grants for installing home charging points and grants for installing workplace charging points.




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