If you’ve been thinking about ways to cut down on your car use, you may want to consider car sharing for some of your regular journeys. Link up with someone who is making a similar journey to you, and share the journey in one car – meaning that fuel and parking costs are shared too. It doesn’t mean sharing ownership of your car!

Why car share?

We know that some journeys have to be made by car, but why not see if someone else is going your way? Getting started on your car share is easy, and you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits. Once you link up with your car share partner or group, that Monday morning commute can become a more sociable occasion plus the fact that you will be saving money and the environment at the same time. More shared journeys means fewer cars on the road, meaning cleaner air, shorter queues and a less stressful journey.

Earn BetterPoints by car sharing!

Can you buddy up & help reduce solo occupancy car journeys across the City & County and earn points for car sharing. 🚶‍♀️+ 🚶‍♀️+ 🚘 = 🛍How about asking a colleague if you could share the commute…

To earn this reward the driver taps the ▶️ in the top right corner and selects the Car Share activity, the passenger 📲scans in and you will both receive the BetterPoints.

More information on how to download the app here.


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