Discover over 3000km of public rights of way in Leicester and Leicestershire. This includes footpaths, bridleways and byways across the city and county, as well as long distance trails. 

Legally, they only differ from the roads which you drive along by the types of traffic entitled to use them. A permissive path is one which the landowner permits the public to use, with the intention that it should not become a public right of way.

Read more about rights of way in Leicester or Leicestershire including definitive maps, how to report a problem, local access forums and rights of way improvement plans.

Many local, regional and national trails have been devised over the years by local authorities and walking organisations, promoting the public rights of way network. Explore and enjoy Leicestershire and beyond with the Walking Routes map, where you’ll find information, maps and guides for a wide range of walks.

For statutory or formal purposes (e.g. planning application), only the Definitive Map should be used to accurately confirm the location and status of public rights of way.