Electric Vehicle Charging

All three Park & Ride now supports Electric Vehicle (EV) users. Information for about how to use these can be found below.


Electric Vehicle Charging at Enderby & Meynells Gorse

Enderby and Meynell’s Gorse Park & Ride now support Electric Vehicle (EV) users. The installation of EV charging equipment was made possible with the help of Leicester City Council and the Plugged-in Midlands charging point grant scheme. For more information on other charging point locations in the Midlands please visit http://www.pluggedinmidlands.co.uk

Electric Vehicle charging is only available to those who are using the Enderby or Meynell’s Gorse Park & Ride bus service that day, or current members of the Enderby Employers’ Parking Scheme with a valid exit pass (Enderby only). Charging is only available on days of site operation at Enderby between the hours of 06:45 and 19:30, and Meynell’s Gorse between the hours of 06:15 and 19:30. Please bear these points in mind when planning a visit to Leicester in your EV.

The Enderby and Meynell’s Gorse Park & Ride installation caters for up to four EVs and comprises of two charging posts; each with two, seven pin ‘Type 2’ 7kW output sockets (EN62196).

Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register with POLAR Instant. This is a smart phone app, available for both iPhone and Android systems that enables you to use hundreds of charging points across the country, directly from your smart phone. You will also receive an RFID card that may be used if your smart phone has poor coverage to communicate with the charging point (for example in an underground car park, etc.)

For full details please visit www.polarinstant.com. There may be charges for registration.

Instructions for using the sockets

Once you have registered with POLAR Instant, you are ready to get a FREE charge for your EV.

To charge your EV by smart phone:

  • Using the built in navigation facility on the mobile app, search for the charging point that you wish to use
  • When you are at the charging point, select the unit on the mobile app, select the socket you wish you use, then press the “Start Charge” button.
  • The charge point will then show a green tick and instruct you to plug your cable into the socket. Your vehicle will then begin to charge.
  • When you are ready to finish charging, click the ‘Stop Charge’ button on the app. After a short time, the charge point will instruct you to disconnect your vehicle and close the socket door.
  • To charge your EV by RFID card:
  • Begin by plugging the cable into the vehicle.
  • Place the RFID card over the target icon and hold for approximately 2 seconds. (Image 1).
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, as there are different modes, depending on the post configuration.
  • Normally, presentation of the RFID card will allow access to the left-hand socket (socket 1). If this socket is already in use, the post will enable the right-hand socket (socket 2).
  • An alternative mode of operation will allow selection of the socket to be used. If the left-hand socket is required, present the RFID card to select a socket, otherwise a 10 second timer counts down to select socket 2, which should be confirmed by presenting the RFID card again.
  • Once the socket has been selected, the blue LEDs will flash identifying the socket to be used. Lift the flap. (Image 2).
  • Plug the lead into the socket, ensuring it is fully inserted. The LEDs will change colour to green to indicate that the charging has started. (Image 3).
  • The plug will now be locked into the socket until charging is terminated, as described below. (Image 4).
  • To stop charging; place the RFID card over the target icon on the screen.
  • The LEDs will change colour back to blue and the plug will be unlocked
  • Remove plug and close flap.
  • Unplug cable from car and stow.


Electric Vehicle Charging at Birstall

Birstall Park & Ride now supports Electric Vehicle (EV) users. The installation of EV charging equipment was made possible with the help of Leicestershire County Council and the Plugged-in Midlands charging point grant.

Electric car charging is only available to those who are using the Birstall Park & Ride bus service that day. Charging is available during the opening hours of the site (07:00-19:00) so please bear this in mind when planning a visit to Leicester in your EV.

The Birstall Park & Ride installation comprises four charging posts with three pin (BS1363, 3kW) and seven pin “Type 2” sockets catering for up to eight EVs (four charging at 3kW and four charging at 7kW).

Do I need to register?

Access to the sockets is via a smart “RFID” card available from www.pluggedinmidlands.co.uk/join. The access scheme is currently on a membership basis meaning that EV users pay for an access card and then receive free electricity when they use the card at the charging sockets. Please note that the Park & Ride fee still applies and socket access will move to Pay As You Go (PAYG) in the coming months (more on this PAYG access billing soon). In the meantime, Plugged-in Midlands card users can enjoy free electricity at this site until PAYG is launched.

How do I access the sockets?

Accessing the sockets with your Plugged-in Midlands card is easy:

  • Check that there is a space and a socket available.
  • Park up, plug your cable into your car.
  • Touch your membership card to the yellow card reader on the top of the post (hold the card for longer if you want to use the “Type 2” socket when both sockets are free).
  • Follow the on screen instructions.
  • Plug your lead into the post socket (ensuring that the socket cover is firmly, but carefully closed over the three pin plug/socket; the seven pin “Type 2” socket hatch does not close over the plug, but the “Type 2” plug is locked into the post).
  • Check that your vehicle is charging (green lights on the post; please also check your vehicle before leaving to ensure that it is displaying the correct signs that it is charging).
  • Lock your vehicle and purchase a Park & Ride ticket on bus.
  • To terminate charging you will need to present the same access card (that initiated charging) to the post you are charging from. The socket cover or electromechanical locking system will disengage when the correct card is presented.

More information

  • To use the “Type 2” sockets provided at this site, your vehicle must be “Mode 3” charging compatible and you must possess a “Type 2” charging lead. Don’t worry if your vehicle is only “Mode 1” or “Mode 2” charging compatible, you will still be able to charge your vehicle from the three pin socket side of each post.If for any reason one or more EV charging points are bagged off, please do not remove the bags to use the charging points, even if operation lights are illuminated. These will have been put in place for your safety. We will ensure to resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and thank you for your patience. Please check the Park and Ride website before travelling for the latest site news or speak with the security officer on site for clarification.
  • For more information on other locations of charging equipment in the Midlands see the Plugged-in Midlands map
  • If, in the unlikely event, you experience any technical issues please contact Plugged-in Midlands on 0845 838 0551 (service manned 24/7, technical issues logged; please note that the technical response team may be able to correct issues remotely, this service is available 09:00-17:00 weekdays only). The charging posts are also labelled with this helpline number.


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