Walk Leicester Festival 2020

The month-long Walk Leicester Festival was due to take place in May, with over 20 led walks and events scheduled. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, organisers are now looking to reschedule the festival for a later date. 

But May is still National Walking Month so instead Choose How You Move and Active Leicester have been giving you walking challenges through social media. Share your photos and experiences of the challenges with us by using the hashtag #WalkLeicester on social media or being emailing choosehowyoumove@leicester.gov.uk.

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Become a photographer

If you’re out walking today, become a budding photographer and take photographs or selfies of beautiful views or local landmarks that makes the place you live unique and special. Let us know how far you’ve walked. We’d love to see your pictures too!

Show us your Funky Feet & Wacky Wheels

Funky Feet and Wacky Wheels may have been cancelled, but you can still have lots of fun decorating your shoes, scooters and bikes at home and go out for a parade around your street or local park. We’d love to see your photos too!

Walk the length of the Abbey Park Oval

Abbey Park Oval is about 0.45 miles long, that’s around 1125 steps. Do you think you can walk this distance locally today? Let us know how you get on!


History Challenge


Become a historian on your walk today and discover places and buildings in your local area that you have never seen before. Let us know what you have discovered and we’d love to see your pictures too!


Photo: Abbot Penny’s Wall, Abbey Lane.

Walk the length of the Leicester City Boundary


Fancy a larger walking challenge? Leicester’s city boundary is 52km or 32.3miles long, that’s around 68,241 steps!

Could you walk that distance locally or at home in one week?


Let us know how long it takes you to complete this challenge.

I-Spy Rainbows


Walk around the streets where you live and see how many rainbows and other colourful pictures you can spot in your neighbours windows.

How many can you find? We’d love to see your pictures too!


Climb St George's Tower on your Stairs


Fancy trying a climbing challenge? Can you climb Leicester’s tallest occupied building from home – on your staircase or on your doorstep.


St. Georges Tower is 82 metres tall, that’s around 351 steps up to the top!

Walk on the Wild Side


Become a wildlife expert on your next local walk.


See if you can spot insects scurrying on pavements, wildflowers growing by walls and listen out for birds singing. Make some notes and take some photos of what you found and when you get back home, try to work out what you saw. You may be surprised by how wild your walk was!


Learn more about urban wildlife here.

Walk the length of New Walk


Short on space and time? We have a challenge for you too!


Leicester’s Georgian promenade New Walk is 1.1km or 0.68 miles long, that’s around 1500 steps. Do you think you could walk that distance around your house today?


You could even dress up like a Georgian whilst you do it!


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