Electric bikes

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is just like a standard bicycle, but with an electric motor and battery attached. It can make for faster journey times and sweat-free travel in windy, uphill conditions on a bike that’s a lot more fun to ride!

Why use one?

Most people’s journeys are around 2 miles; about a 25-30 minute walk. However, most people will take their car and spend time finding and paying for parking at their destination. This is when a bicycle becomes a far more practical alternative.

Similarly, the average UK commute has now risen to just under 9 miles, which most people could easily cycle in under an hour. Electric bikes could do this much quicker, and leave you fresh and ready to work at the other end.

There are various makes and models of electric bikes, giving you a range of between 15 and 50 miles, which is ample for most commutes with a recharge time typically around 3 hours.

Are you buying a legal E-bike? 

Make sure you buy a legal e-bike. To be legal in the UK e-bikes must have motors of 250 watts or less.  Be aware that “home-made” bikes can also be a fire risk.

We suggest you use a reputable physical bike shop.  If buying online check that the bikes are legal and associated with a physical bike shop.

Where can I try out an E-bike?

Many independent and national cycle retailers supply electric bikes alongside conventional ones and will be happy to provide advice and even a try-before-you-buy service. A number of dedicated electric bike retailers have sprung up locally in recent years, including:

Does your employer run a cycle to work scheme? If so, you may be able to purchase an electric bike and spread the payment, tax free. Check with your employer for full details.

Leicestershire County Council E-bike Scheme 

Leicestershire County Council are able to provide discount vouchers of £300 off the cost an electric bike. 

The voucher is available to all county residents, find out how to claim your voucher here

Leicester City Council Wheels to Work Scheme

This six-month hire scheme offers you the chance to rent an e-bike for £45 per month. Perfect for those commuting to work, education or training within Leicester.

Find out more about the Wheels to Work scheme here.