How to use the service

  1. Choose your site. Your end destination in the city centre may mean that one Park & Ride route is better for you than another, particularly if you have difficulty walking.
  2. Drive to and park at the site. Parking is free for bus services users only. There is no overnight parking allowed at any of the sites*. There are designated spaces for disabled badge holders at all three sites and Parent & Child bays at Enderby and Birstall.
  3. Board the bus and pay. Buy your ticket from the driver as you board. Contactless payment by card is available. If paying by cash, please have the correct fare if possible. Keep your ticket safe. You will need the QR code on the ticket to exit the car park barrier at both the Enderby & Birstall sites. There is currently no barrier system in place at Meynell’s Gorse, however you must still retain your ticket. All of our buses are wheelchair and buggy accessible. Take a seat and make use of the free Wi-Fi.
  4. Get off at your destination and enjoy your day. Once in the city centre, you can get on and off the bus at any stop on your route.
  5. To return to the Park & Ride site. You can catch the bus at the same stop where you got off, or at any other stop on that route. Please hold your arm out in plenty of time to indicate to the driver that you wish to catch the bus. If you are not sure whether it is the correct bus (there are three Park & Ride sites), please ask the driver. You will need to have your ticket ready to present to the driver for the return journey.
  6. Return to your car. Once you have completed your return journey, scan the QR code on your ticket at the exit barrier to leave the car park (if using Enderby or Birstall only). At Meynell’s Gorse, you can drive straight out, as there is no barrier system, however you must retain your ticket to make the return journey. Never follow another vehicle through the barriers. If you have any problems operating the barriers, press the “i” information button to be connected to security.

If you have any problems while using the service, please speak to the driver or to a security officer on site.

*If you are attending the hospital for a procedure where you may have to stay overnight, please make alternative travel arrangements or ensure your car is collected. There are a number of car parks near the hospital where late/overnight parking is available.