Road Safety

Road safety in Leicester & Leicestershire is one of our top priorities. The city and county councils offer training for cyclists and motorists, and safety advice for people of all ages. Find out more below.

The government’s THINK! campaign also offers lots of useful road safety information and resources for road users.

Pre-Driver Days

Thinking of learning to drive, but not sure where to start? Why not take part in a pre-driver run by City and County Councils? Open to 16 & 17 year olds, the courses offer a wealth of practical advice and support to young and inexperienced drivers including a practical off road driving session with a qualified driving instructor.

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New drivers

New to driving? The learning doesn’t stop there. Now you have your licence, you’ll want to keep it, so make sure you know about the New Drivers Act, this applies to new drivers for the first 2 years of driving. If you receive 6 or more penalty points in this time you will lose your licence. Not only that but you will need to re-apply for your provisional and pass both theory and practical driving tests again!  Check out the links below for advice on all things driving, including Pass Plus training courses and advice about buying your first car, getting the best insurance deal as well as keeping your car in tip top condition.


The AA


Driver Education Workshops

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Driver Education Workshops have been initiated to compliment the philosophy of the Safety Camera Scheme, which consists of the 3 E’s: Engineering, Education and Enforcement.

Along with the National Speed Awareness Course we also offer the National Driver Alertness Course, the National Driving 4 Change course and the National What’s Driving Us? course, which replaced the Traffic Light Workshops in April 2013. These courses are run on behalf of Leicestershire Constabulary.

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Safer driving with age (SAGE)

SAGE is a driving assessment for mature drivers – it is definitely not a driving test.

The assessment is based on common sense, safe, skilful, everyday driving. There are no trick questions or unusual manoeuvres.

The assessment will take about one hour to complete. Your assessor will be a friendly experienced Approved Driving Instructor. We aim to present each person who completes the assessment with a certificate and a written report.

For more information:

  •  SAGE courses in Leicester City call: 0116 454 285
  • visit SAGE courses in Leicestershire or book direct via tjunction 

Motorbikes and Scooters

There’s no doubt that getting a moped or motorbike can give you a huge amount of independence and for many young people, buying a moped is great way to start – they are relatively cheap and easy to run after all.

But do you know what the laws are about learning to ride? Or what the differences are for motorbikes or mopeds?


Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch is a scheme to help people reduce speeding traffic though their community. The scheme enables volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally.

Community Speed Watch is a partnership initiative operating in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland using the combined efforts of the local residents and supported by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership.

Community Speed Watch incorporates poster campaigns and a pledge system linked to direct action using radar speed guns and Vehicle Activated Signs, all under the supervision of the County Council.

The use of the radar devices will not lead to prosecution – drivers will get a letter from the police instead – but will help to underline the community’s commitment to reducing speed.

For more information: visit Community Speed Watch