Welcome to Leicestershire School Streets 


Parking, congestion, air pollution and safety around schools continues to be a key concern for schools, residents and communities.

The School Streets initiative looks to provide a solution to these issues through a time limited congestion free zone during school drop off and pick up times. This initiative prioritises pedestrians such as parents and children by providing a safe space for people to walk and cycle in the vicinity of the school through a hard or soft closure of the road or street

Expressions of interest are now being invited for our 2024/2025 scheme.  School Streets largely runs via the good work of the school but it does require sufficient input from Leicestershire County Council as the Highway Authority and other Partners to make arrangements for the Traffic Regulation Order, consultations and information provision.

To ensure we maximise our resources and that of our Partners, your request to run a scheme at your school will be measured against our criteria which will include a safety check; this will determine if it is feasible to operate School Streets in your location.

Please note, if you request School Streets at your location, you agree and accept that the school will be responsible for the day to day operation of the scheme, including the daily marshalling of the road closure during term time Monday to Friday between 8.15am – 8.50am and 2.30pm – 3.30pm. Each closure point will require a minimum of 2 marshalls. A senior member of staff within in the school must act as co-ordinator for the scheme.  The co-ordinator must work with Leicestershire County Council and Partners to ensure that the School Streets operates to the standards set out in a memorandom of understanding and will require the relevant public liability insurance. If your school is selected for School Streets, Leicestershire County Council will provide marshall training andmequipment such as PPE, barriers and signs.

If you are interested and are able to fulfil the above requirements or for more information please email choosehowyoumove@leics.gov.uk