Air quality education for Leicester schools

Poor air quality affects people’s health and damages the environment. In Leicester there are two main pollutants of concern: nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. The main source of these pollutants is road traffic, in particular diesel engines.

Leicester has an air quality action plan, a strategic approach to achieving better air quality. This action plan sets out how we will improve air quality and meet the EU standards for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Air quality education

A free, tailored education experience is available for schools in Leicester to explore air quality. Our resources include educational assemblies, lessons, resources and practical activities to raise awareness of air quality. We aim to engage the whole school community, and can provide one-off activities or projects that span the course of the school year.


Find out more

Get in touch with us to find out more about the Air Quality Education programme and how to run one in your school.

Danni Kennell
Education Officer (Air Quality)
Phone: 0116 454 0166

Lee Jowett
Environmental Coordinator
Phone: 0116 454 2271
Twitter: @EcoSchoolsLCC