Choose How You Move Journey Planner Information

Users can start by specifying where they want to go and the app will automatically route them from the current or set location, providing a range of transport options. Functionality is the same across platforms, making it easy to move from one to another.

Additional Information

The Choose How You Move Journey Planner will sort results using each user’s preferences as well as a range of other metric. In addition to providing trip costs, the Choose How You Move Journey Planner indicates the estimated calories burnt by the user, as well as the amount of CO2 generated.

Trip Details

When a result is selected, users can view the trip in more detail as shown below. In the text-based view, users are shown step-by-step directions for each segment of the trip. A complete render of the whole trip in a map view is also provided, where the real time location of vehicles is shown as a marker in the map view. Trip details are updated periodically, and therefore the times shown will change as a service runs earlier or later.

Bus & Train Schedules

The Choose How You Move Journey Planner provides an intuitive user interface to display schedules for services such as buses and trains. All transit stops are annotated on the map as shown below. Bike share locations are visible on the map with real time availability.

Map Screen


When a stop is selected, users can either gain immediate access to scheduled or real time departure times for all services visiting that stop or view detailed information about the stop.

Realtime Information Demonstration

In the location detail view, users can choose to route from their current location, which effectively starts a new trip-planning session.

The type of information shown in the details view varies according to the type of locations. As an example, a transit stop allows users to view timetables, add as a favourite and where data is available, view the surrounding facilities and amenities.


A filtering function is provided when looking at departure times so users can quickly locate the services they are interested in. This is particularly useful for stations that have many services. The Choose How You Move Journey Planner supports filtering by service identifier, destination and more. When a stop is added as a favourite, the app also remembers any filter entered by users.


Users can nominate their priorities in terms of financial expense, time, environmental friendliness, convenience, and exercise. The trip results will be tailored to individual preferences.


Users are encouraged to enter their home and work locations for quick trip planning, but can also add an unlimited number of favourites. Home and work are examples of favourite destinations, but the Choose How You Move Journey Planner also allows for favourite stops (for schedules) and favourite routes.


Choose How You Move Journey Planner has built extensive support for wheelchair users. Users are able to indicate accessibility assistance is required and the app’s user interface will adjust to accommodate.

Choose How You Move Journey Planner will indicate whether a service is accessible on the schedule screen.

For the segments of a trip where a user will need to use their wheelchair, the friendliness of the path is shown. Choose How You Move Journey Planner also takes accessibility into consideration when producing trips.

This means that routing will try to avoid stops/stations that aren’t wheelchair-accessible, paths that are not wheelchair-friendly and increase the minimum transfer time between trip segments.

An additional accessibility feature is the setting of different walking speeds (fast-medium-slow), which changes trip chain calculations.


The Choose How You Move Journey Planner allows users to share their trips/stop-schedules with others, as trips can be saved permanently on the platform. If the recipient doesn’t have the Journey Planner app on their device, then the trip will push the user to the relevant app store, or open on the mobile friendly