Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Concessionary bus pass on the Park and Ride?

Travel is £1 return at all times, for holders of a valid English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) Pass.

Group tickets are for 5 people travelling together, what if I have a full 7 seater vehicle?

Group Tickets are for up to five people travelling together; two Group Tickets should be purchased if more than five people arrive in one car unless other concessions apply.

What if I meet my friends at the Park & Ride site and we travel into town together, can we get a group ticket?

Group tickets are for up to five people arriving together in one vehicle. 

Do the Park & Ride services operate on Bank/Public Holidays?

The Park & Ride services do not operate on Bank/Public Holidays with the exception of Good Friday; any change to operations will be shown on or on bus.

Is there a height restriction at the entrance to the sites?

Height barriers are present at all entrance/exit points. The clearance is 2.05m (6’ 8”) at Birstall and Enderby, 2.1m (6’ 10”) at Meynell’s Gorse.

Can I use my wheelchair on the low floor buses?

All buses are low floor with easy access. Whether a particular type of wheelchair can be accommodated mainly depends on the size and manoeuvrability, you should check with the operator before travelling.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

The requirement to scan a QR Code to exit the Enderby and Birstall P&R site is currently suspended. 

Can I take my bicycle or large bulky items on the bus? Are there any other restrictions?

Generally you will not be allowed to take bicycles or bulky items on the service. The bus company needs to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers. Because of this and due to limited space many operators have specific policies on what they agree to carry; this applies to commercial and contract services. The operator can also refuse travel for passengers who wish to carry liquids in unsecured and unsealed containers. If the passenger was to accidentally drop the item and it burst open, it may spill all over the bus and potentially other passengers. Such items may be allowed on the bus at the discretion of the driver if they are contained in a sealed bag. It is always best to check with the operator before travelling.

Can I take my dog/pet on the bus?

Disabled people are allowed to travel with their guide, assistance or hearing dog. The passenger must comply with any instructions given by the driver. The carrying of other dogs is at the discretion of the driver. Please contact the operator for further details.

What should I do if I think I have left something on one of the Park & Ride services?

Get in touch with the operator (Roberts Travel) by calling 01530 817 444.

Can I get to the Leicester Royal Infirmary using the Park & Ride service?

Passengers can use the 203 service from Enderby to travel direct to the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Passengers using 103 Meynell’s Gorse and 303 Birstall service can connect with the Centrebus Hospital Hopper service from St. Nicholas Circle. Please note that Park & Ride tickets are not valid on the Hospital Hopper.

Electronic cigarettes (vaping)

Passengers are advised that electronic cigarettes may only be used in areas where cigarette smoking is normally permitted. Electronic cigarettes may not be used anywhere in the terminal buildings (including toilets) or on any of the buses.

What are the operator’s contact details?

Get in touch with the operator (Roberts Travel) by calling 01530 817 444.