School Streets

Northfold Road & Eastcourt Road School Street scheme

A School Street is a road outside a school with a temporary restriction on motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times. The restriction applies to school traffic and through traffic.

Please note
Short sections of school streets are already successfully operated in parts of Leicester, where no residents are affected by the closure.

Northfold Road and Eastcourt Road are the first School Streets in Leicester where, due to the number of households within the closure area, a permit scheme is being implemented. As this is the first scheme of its type in Leicester, it is being implemented under an experimental order.

What is the aim of the scheme?
School run congestion is getting worse. Whilst 50% of the children at Overdale Junior School and over 60% at Overdale Infant School walk to school, there are still over 200 cars arriving at the schools at school run times.

Following conversations with the schools and the local residents, the most popular solution to the congestion is to introduce a Schools Street on the entire length of Northfold Road and Eastcourt Road. This means that between the hours of 8am and 9am and 2.30pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday term time only, the roads will be closed to all traffic except residents of Northfold Road and Eastcourt Road and some eligible pupils and staff from Overdale Infant and Overdale Junior Schools.

The roads will initially be closed with barriers operated by marshals. Parents at the school and other visitors will be directed to park at the Park and Ride locations.  

If you live in one of the properties within the School Street you will be eligible for up to four permits for your vehicles that are registered at that property. Permit holders will be allowed to pass through the closure point as long as the permit is clearly displayed in the vehicle. Please be aware submitting an application or waiting for it to be sent is not sufficient to be allowed through the closure.

Drivers passing the closure point at the advertised closure times may be subjected to a fine.

The eligible addresses include:

  • Eastcourt Road – all properties 
  • Northfold Road – all properties


Dates and times for operation

  • The scheme will start on Monday 28th February. 
  • The hours of operation will be 8-9am and 2.30-4pm Monday to Friday for the duration of the experiment.

Visitors permits

As this is a new scheme for Leicester, we have been considering the best options for the scheme to operate under. The idea of the scheme is to keep the streets around the school as clear from traffic as possible, which is why we are asking that, where possible, visitors avoid these times.

However, we have received a lot of correspondence from residents, concerned about visitor access. For that reason, we are allowing one annual visitor permit per year. You can apply by following the link to parking permits

Click on:

Apply for a permit online

Permit application

Select Option 2: Annual visitor

If you already have a resident’s permit, you won’t need to supply proof of residency. 

As the aim of the scheme is to reduce the amount of traffic on the street at school run times, whilst there is no charge for a permit for residents, we will only be allowing one visitor permit per household. This is to keep the level of applications for the visitor permit to the absolute minimum. People with a blue badge permit or with caring responsibilities will be issued with the visitor permit free of charge.  

Frequently asked questions
Check out the frequently asked questions on this scheme

Have a query on available permits or the application process?
If you have any further questions regarding available permits or the permit application process, you can contact Parking Services by email at

Scheme information
Please email Safer Streets Healthier Neighbourhoods scheme at for further information on this scheme.