Smarter travel for business

stfb-home-to-workHelping your staff with their daily commute can be as simple as getting some cycle parking installed or putting up some local travel information on a notice board.

Giving employees real choices about how they travel to work makes for a happier, more energised workforce and a more productive business overall.

Don’t forget about business travel too. Individual trips can soon add up to a substantial cost – both in fares and mileage expenses, and in productive time lost to travelling. Did you know that office workers spend 23 days a year travelling to and from meetings?

Promoting smarter business travel helps you manage these costs. Reducing the need to travel, or simply making it easier for staff to choose a more sustainable mode, can lead to less time spent travelling, cost savings for your business, and a happier, more engaged workforce.

How we can work with your business

Support from Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council, and partners:

Leicestershire Smarter Travel for Business

Leicestershire County Council is working with businesses in Blaby District, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough, and at Magna Park (Lutterworth) to help them save money by changing the way their employees travel.

  • Ease local congestion

  • Reduce sickness and absence

  • Decrease demand on parking

  • Reduce staff travel costs

By encouraging sustainable travel, you can show employees you are happy to invest in their wellbeing and help create a healthier, more productive workforce.

If your business falls outside our current target areas, please contact us on to see how we may be able to help.

Leicester Business Engagement

Sustainable Travel Grant for Business: In 2016/17, businesses in the north-west Leicester area can apply for grants of up to £5000 to implement changes at their premises which encourage staff and visitors to travel by active and sustainable travel modes.

The grant is available to businesses that are based around the A50 corridor and Beaumont Leys Industrial Estate or to businesses that have at least 50% of their workforce living in this area.   The designated area, within the green border, can be viewed on this map of Leicester business engagement area.

The business is expected to match fund the grant, although this can be in kind, by providing staff time or a venue for a promotional event, for example.  Applications of more than one grant are accepted, as long as the total is not more than £5000.  Here you can find the application form for a sustainable travel grant for businesses. 

Smartgo Travel Networks


Smartgo travel networks offer a programme that will transform workplace travel for employers.

Developed and co-ordinated by sustainable transport specialist, Go Travel Solutions, with support from Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and the Department for Transport, Smartgo travel networks help local businesses to make commuting and business travel cheaper, easier and more sustainable.

smartgo-partnershipThrough a partnership of local employers, travel providers and the public sector, Smartgo provides a comprehensive travel offer, business support and opportunities for shared travel projects.

Find out more

Self-help guides

As well as working direct with your business, check out our useful advice below, with links to various sustainable travel initiatives that could benefit your organisation and employees:

Walking and cycling

We think that walking or cycling to work is the best possible start to your working day, and increasing numbers of Leicester & Leicestershire commuters seem to agree – they’re swapping petrol power for striding or pedal power, and enjoying all the benefits. Visit our everyday walking and everyday cycling pages to find out more about the benefits for employees.

But there are benefits to employers, too…

  • A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. Regular exercise and fresh air are important for anyone’s health and wellbeing. Employees will arrive at work ready for their day, energised by their daily dose of endorphins! Employers will benefit from a more alert, less stressed workforce, who will be off work sick less often.
  • Congestion-proof. Your employees will no longer be held up on their way to work by congested roads. Walkers and cyclists can glide-by the traffic jams.
  • A cleaner, greener reputation. Promoting walking and cycling among your workforce can mean fewer cars on the road and some less congested streets. You’ll be setting an example to your neighbours, and you might even enjoy the benefits of some positive press if you showcase your efforts!
  • A better environment. Walking and cycling produce no pollution, so the local environment around your workplace will be a cleaner one – good for everyone, everywhere in Leicestershire.
  • Fewer car parking headaches. Some businesses spend a lot of time trying to sort out their car parking spaces – often a thankless task. Helping employees to get out of their cars (even if only for one or two days a week) means less pressure on car parking – all for the very reasonable price of some cycle stands and showers!

Help to encourage walking and cycling

There are programmes and facilities already available, which can help your employees start walking and cycling more:-

lrs-wpcWorkplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge is a national programme delivered locally by Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS), comprising an activity log, sport competitions and an annual business games.

Find out how your business can get involved by contacting LRS for a workplace health consultation.

Discover how you can revolutionise your employees’ lunch breaks and add activity into the working day by downloading the Flexible Lunch Break Manifesto.

active-travel-hinckleyActive Travel Hinckley

The Active Travel Hinckley initiative encourages local residents and employees of Hinckley businesses to think actively about their travel and get walking, cycling and running more often.

For more information, please see or call 01455 255950.

cycling-coursesCycle training

Find out how we can work with your business to offer cycle training to build up your employees’ confidence and safety on the roads. Staff will receive tuition by a professional cycle instructor. Subject to availability, bikes and helmets can be borrowed by those who don’t have them. 

Tel: 0116 305 7786 (County businesses) / 0116 454 2817 (City businesses).

Public cycle parking

Bike Park2Leicester city centre boasts two secure indoor bike parks, which also offer changing facilities for commuters’ convenience:

Bike Park, Town Hall Square

  • CCTV coverage
  • Showers and toilets
  • Lockers (daily use only) and changing rooms
  • On-site repair shop
  • Pay as you go and membership options available
  • Open 7 days per week (no overnight parking)

Leicester Station cycle hubLeicester Station Cycle Hub

  • CCTV coverage
  • Changing rooms
  • £10 one-off charge for key fob
  • Unlimited free parking during station opening hours

East Midlands Trains also offers a secure cycle hub in Loughborough:


Loughborough Station Cycle Hub

  • CCTV coverage
  • Self-service tool station and pump
  • £10 one-off charge for key fob
  • Unlimited free parking (24/7)

Want a unique solution for your business?

Try these suggestions:

  • Provide changing facilities. Offering showers, lockers or changing facilities will make many of your employees think it easier to integrate cycling or walking into their office routine. Walkers may want somewhere to leave spare shoes (or even muddy boots), cyclists may want to shower or at least change their clothes at work. Both groups will undoubtedly need somewhere to leave wet clothing at some point too!
  • Example school cycle parkingProvide bicycle parking. Offering a secure, sheltered area for employees to leave their bikes will make them feel safer about leaving their pride and joy outside the office all day.
  • Set up a cycle to work scheme. This government-backed initiative allows employees to benefit from a long-term loan of bikes and commuting equipment such as lights, locks and panniers completely tax free. Employers benefit from fitter, more punctual, more wide-awake staff. Employees benefit from better health and better bikes because their money goes further. Read guidance from the Department for Transport on implementing a cycle to work scheme, or see this useful article on the BikeHub website.
  • Share routes. Some of your employees will already cycle or walk to work. Encourage them to share their route with others who live near them, and offer to show them the way. Why not create a map of everyone’s walk and cycle commute on the wall of your office, so people can find out about different routes?

Public transport

When you take into account all the costs of running a car, using public transport regularly can work out cheaper; especially when you take advantage of saver/season tickets. There are numerous other benefits too…

Why choose public transport?

  • Less stress. When you’re sitting on a bus or a train your mind is free to wander – forget the stress of concentrating on the road. You can sit back and relax. You’ve got time to think, read, listen to music or browse the internet. Your employees will arrive relaxed and motivated, ready to start their working day.
  • Extra work time. Your employees can check their emails and have the time to reply on buses and trains. For employees who have more miles to cover on a train, they can do some extra work on their way in or way home, if they like!
  • Beat the queues. Many bus services in urban areas can take advantage of dedicated bus lanes and bypass the rush hour queues, leading to a quicker, more reliable journey. Travel by train and you’re also less likely to be delayed and can cover a greater distance in a shorter time than by car.
  • Helps the environment. Having fewer employees drive to work means less pollution and a cleaner local environment.
  • Active. Your employees will walk at each end of their journey, which means they’ll get the benefits of daily exercise without having to go out of their way.

See our public transport section for more information.

Here are some ways to encourage your staff to try a different way to get to work:

  • Saver tickets and special offers: If your employees are aware of the deals that they can benefit from, they are more likely to try out the different options. Most local bus operators offer a variety of multi-journey saver tickets for passengers who make regular journeys on their services, covering anything from unlimited all-day travel, right through to an annual pass. When compared with buying a single ticket per journey, significant savings can be made. Take a look at our public transport section and click ‘bus fares and tickets’ or ‘special offers’.
  • Journey planner: Our journey planner has all the information you need to work out how to get from A to B on public transport. It’s set up to work on a computer, smartphone or tablet, so anyone can use it. Make your employees aware of the journey planner, or why not go the extra mile and have a dedicated computer terminal in your reception which employees and visitors can use?

Car sharing

Early starts, late finishes, or a dispersed workforce can mean that some people have to drive to work, but there is much to be gained by linking up those going the same way and encouraging them to share journeys wherever possible. Car sharing simply means that two or more people who need to make the same journey share a car trip – not that the vehicle itself is shared!welcome3-768

Why car sharing is a good choice for your employees…

  • It’s sociable. On their way in to work, your employees can have a chat, and ease themselves in to the working day.
  • It saves parking spaces. You’ll have fewer staff cars to accommodate at your workplace – meaning more spaces for visitors, or for those who come from further afield. There might not even be a need to keep all the space you have for parking if the scheme is successful – why not transform a rarely used parking space into a small bit of green space? Grass and flowers certainly looks better than tarmac!
  • It saves money. Your employees will spend less of their precious pounds getting to work and be able to spend more on what they want!
  • It helps the environment. Fewer cars on the road means less congestion and better air quality.

Help getting started

CHYM_Logo_Carshare_Colour_smallEncouraging your employees to think about car sharing couldn’t be easier. Choose How You Move Carshare – Leicester & Leicestershire’s FREE online car sharing network – does all the administration and route matching for you.

If you have a fairly significant number of employees at your organisation, who travel to work from similar areas, you might want to create a FREE private scheme for your employees, which can be accessed through Choose How You Move Carshare. Please contact us for details.

For expert advice on introducing a car sharing scheme for your workplace, contact: (Leicester city businesses) or (Leicestershire businesses).

Wheels 2 Work


Wheels 2 Work is aimed at Leicester & Leicestershire residents with a confirmed placement in work, education or training, but no way of getting there.

We provide two types of basic scooter: a 50cc for short distances (less than 10 miles each way) and a 125cc for longer distances. We can also offer electric scooters and electric bicycles.

If you both live and work in Leicester City, you will only be eligible for one of our bicycles, electric bicycles or electric scooters.

Monthly hire rates range from £30/£60 per month for our scooters, whilst electric bicycles are £10 per month.

We provide the rider with a helmet, jacket, gloves and lock. Scooters are fully expensed (insurance, service costs, road tax and accidental repairs) with the exception of fuel. If you are on our Leicester City scheme, you will need to purchase public liablity insurance before you can ride one of our bicycles.

For more information on Wheels 2 Work, which is administered by Melton Borough Council, please call 01664 502388, email, or see

Access to Work travel grants

access-to-workAccess to Work travel grants

If you’re struggling to meet the transport costs when attending training, job interviews, or your new workplace, you could be eligible for an Access to Work grant to help you out.

Available to residents of the following districts:

  • Hinckley & Bosworth
  • Charnwood
  • North West Leicestershire

3 easy steps to claim:

  1. Print Access to Work claim form
  2. Complete the form*
  3. Take completed form to Hinckley Library, Loughborough Library or Coalville Library

* Completing the form:

  • Sections 1 and 3 must be completed by the employer, training provider, Jobcentre Plus or voluntary organisation.
  • Sections 2 and 4 must be completed by the claimant.
  • Please note if the form is incomplete then a reimbursement will not be paid.

Funded by the Department for Transport. Conditions apply. Funding is limited.

Link to from your website and help your staff, students, visitors, or customers choose how they move for everyday journeys.