Grants for Active Travel

Guidance for applicants

Choose How You Move’s Grants for Active travel, aims to provide a means of financial support for all sized organisations across Leicestershire, who are looking to support their workforce in making more active and sustainable travel choices for their commute to and from work and can demonstrate a commitment to promoting active and sustainable travel.  The grant can also be used to support the organisation in being able to make more active and sustainable travel choices for site visits or meetings.

The key factors influencing a decision are the extent to which applications demonstrate:

  • The impact the scheme will have in improving active and sustainable travel
  • The commitment shown by the applicant to support the proposal
  • A commitment to engage with the sustainable travel team to evaluate and monitor the initiative

Please find the terms and conditions below. For more information regarding the grant process or to discuss an application you can contact or 0116 3057233 or fill in the short application form.

For the application please have the following information to hand;

-who will be the senior responsible owner/bid manager

-Name and address of organisation

-an outline of the proposed project

-details of any existing facilities e.g showers/lockers/bike parking etc

-targets/outcomes/outputs and how these will be measured

-number of staff

-percentage figures of how staff currently travel

-project costings

-monitoring and evaluation details

Terms and Conditions:

  • Grant funding must be used for the project agreed. Leicestershire County Council reserves the right to reclaim unspent monies or monies spent on projects not within the agreed grant.
  • The contribution of Leicestershire County Council is to be recognised in any publicity or promotion of the project.
  • All press releases in connection with the project must be agreed with Leicestershire County Council.
  • Where practical, the ‘Choose How You Move’ logo should be incorporated, as agreed.
  • Leicestershire County Council will require ‘before and after’ photographs where appropriate.
  • Project monitoring information will be required, as agreed.
  • Ownership, of all liabilities and future maintenance of the project to be the responsibility of your organisation unless specifically agreed in the award email/letter.
  • If there are any existing planning requirements (e.g. the grant would not be given for items that are required as a condition of planning permission).
  • Applications are limited to one per year. Award of  the grant does not preclude further application in future years by the successful applicant, for example for a different proposal or for a proposal by a different section of the organisation. However in the event of competition for the scheme resources, previous awards to the applicant will be taken into account as part of the assessment process.
  • Grants will be assessed in accordance with the key factors and awarded to those bids meeting the criteria subject to available funding.
  • Grants will be awarded to the most worthy bids received by an advertised date and assessed by the awarding panel.
  • A response will normally be given to each application within 2 months of the closing date. Applicants should not make any financial commitments until they have received a written offer of a grant.

Data Protection Act

Data collected will only be used for the purpose outlined in this form and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please note: key data may be provided to bodies responsible for auditing and administering public funds for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud

Leicestershire County Council will treat all information as confidential. Please refer to the Leicestershire County Council Privacy Notice