We need to be seen to keep us safe and to let the other road users know that we are there.

Being seen is very important for our safety.

Always wear or carry something bright that will help us to be seen more easily during the day, and at night.

By day…

During the day always wear clothes with bright colours. Fluorescent material is even better as it helps us to really stand out and be seen during the day. This material also helps us to be seen in the evening before it is dark. 

By night…

Fluorescent material does not work in the dark! We need to wear something reflective so we can be seen when car headlights are shining towards us. It could be a stripe on your jacket, patches on your bag or an armband. Even a small patch of reflective material can help drivers to see us from very far away. 

Lights are a must-have for making sure you can see and be seen. When cycling in the dark, you’re required by law to have a white light on the front and a red light on the rear. These can clip onto your bike, backpack or your clothes. If you’re looking to eliminate the need for batteries opt for lights with a generator that gets powered by your pedalling.

Things to remember!

FLUORESCENT MATERIAL – is effective outside during daytime because it reacts to the ultra-violet rays in sunlight.  I could be a stripe on your jacket, patches on your bag or an armband.

REFLECTIVE MATERIAL – works in the dark because the special surface reflects light (street lights, car headlights etc.)

If you would like a reflective wristband or a reflective neck warmer, please email us with your details (subject to availability).

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