Cut costs and cut emissions

As the prices of energy and fuel make driving more financially difficult, alternative ways to travel can help you to save the pounds in your pocket. Plus, it has the benefit of keeping you healthy and active—and is better for the environment.

Here are some of the ways you can cut down on costs when out and about in Leicestershire.

Public Transport

Public Transport doesn’t just mean buses and trains. Leicestershire provides multiple options for travelling, depending on your area. These can also come with concessions and saver tickets.

Get Around For £2


Bus routes and timetables

Park & Ride Saver Tickets


Park and Cycle

Sustainable driving

There are ways to drive your car that don’t cost your bank account—or the Earth. Electric vehicles—which include e-bikes and e-scooters—can save you money you’d spend on fuel, but if you still need to use your petrol/diesel car you can buddy up with a friend and halve the expense.

Electric vehicles

Car sharing


Finding your way on foot can keep you fit, allows you to explore new places, and keep the car at home. Swap quick one-person journeys for a walked commute, or explore the great outdoors on your own or with others.

Walking routes in your area

Walking maps

Walking events near you

Public rights of way


Two wheels are better than four! Cycling keeps you fit and strong, doesn’t need fuel, and it gets you from A to B quickly too. More businesses and organisations are accommodating for cyclists, which means you can get even more out of your bike whether cycling as a hobby, as a sport, or as part of your journey to work.

Why not invest in an e-bike? You could ride faster and further, helping you to cut down your commute time, make sustainable choices and still keep fit. And there’s the chance to get £300 off the cost of the purchase when you take part in an e-bike training course.

Electric bikes

County Council e-bike scheme

Wheels to Work city scheme

Cycling courses

Cycling clubs and guided rides


The BetterPoints app rewards you for choosing active and sustainable travel. These can be converted into shopping rewards, such as high street vouchers, online shopping—which means a cheaper shopping trip. Alternatively, they can be donated to charity too!