Demand responsive transport FAQ

We run over 30 demand responsive transport services across Leicestershire. These are pre-booked taxi or minibus services that only run when they’re needed. You’ll be charged a similar fare to a scheduled bus service when you use the service.

Where do the services go to?

You can travel to local services and facilities in nearby towns or villages, such as a health centre, shopping centre or market. You may also have a choice of different destinations offered on different days and you can make longer journeys by connecting with a local bus service at one of the nearby towns.

When do the services run?

Your demand responsive transport service will run when booked, based on an approximate timetable. For example, there may be a collection from your village and a number of others that start at 10.00am, but the time you are picked up will depend on who else has booked and the route that will be taken – you will be given an approximate time for collection at the time you book. There will be a fixed return time from the destination.
When the service is set up, consideration is given as to when people want to travel, so if one day is more popular than others, for example on a market day, then more runs can be offered on that day instead of another day that is less popular.

Do I use bus stops?

You will be collected and dropped off at agreed points in your village and to the places at the destination as specified. There is some flexibility in this, so for example it may be possible, if time allows, to be dropped off in one place in town and picked up at another or for people with shopping to be dropped off at home rather than in the village centre. Because these services are booked in advance these tailored arrangements can be offered at no extra cost to you.

What do I pay?

You will pay an individual fare, just like you would when using a local bus service and at a similar rate regardless of how many people are in the vehicle. The fares are set by Leicestershire County Council and are reviewed periodically so that they remain as similar to local bus services as possible. Like bus fares, they vary depending on the journey you make, but at present the average adult return fare is £3.50. If you have a bus pass, you can use this. You’ll be asked to present your pass to the driver when using the service.

How do I book?

To book, you simply phone and book your seat with the operator at any time during the day (usually 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday). To book you need to call by 5.00pm on the day before you travel, and at the earliest up to one week in advance.