The Rushey Mead scheme

Like many other parts of the city, Rushey Mead has seen a steady increase in traffic levels over the past ten years. Residential streets in particular have been badly affected, with up to 60% of traffic being ‘through traffic’ and/or part of the school run in some areas.

Whilst our aim was to discourage people from using local residential streets as shortcuts, reduce speeding and minimise congestion, we always appreciated the sensitivity of elements of the scheme, which is why the scheme was proposed on an experimental basis rather than a permanent one. However, whilst we had been talking to stakeholders in the area about the scheme for some time, once we began talking to the residents it became clear that there was opposition to such a radical scheme, and we promised we would listen to local people before implementing any changes. We need to go back to Central Government, who fund this work, as we have many more streets in the city that can also be made healthier for schools, people and for the environment and won’t be prioritising Rushey Mead.

The map and photographs below show what was proposed as part of the Safer Street Healthier Neighbourhood in Rushey Mead.

For further information, visit the Choose How You Move website: www.choosehowyoumove/sshn