Signing strategies and charges


      Pavement parking ban comes to an end – but it is still advisable not to park on the pavement as you may be ticketed as an obstruction.


No parking on the pavement. You could incur a fine if you park on the pavement.
No entry except for cycles. 

No motor vehicles permitted during the times shown on the sign apart from permit holders.

No vehicles are permitted beyond this point during the times shown on the sign apart from: –


Emergency Vehicles

Refuse Collection Vehicles

Hackney Cab (black taxis)


One-way road with cycling allowed in both directions.
Cycle route.
One-way traffic.

No parking is permitted on school entrance markings during the times shown on the sign.

Road Markings

No stopping, waiting or dropping off/ picking up of passengers, Mon- Friday, 8am to 5pm.



No waiting at any time – this parking restriction does not require a sign plate.

The cost of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)



Full Charge

Discount paid within 14 days

Bus Lane




Footway Parking




Double Yellow Line




Zig Zags

99 or 48