Sustrans schools cycling project

The Sustrans school project helps young people to travel actively and safely to school.

We have a programme of activities that help to increase children’s physical activity, reduce congestion and improve safety around schools. There are national competitions which schools can participate in increase active travel journeys, such as the Big Pedal.

We have brilliant resources, incentive schemes, guides and events to help all schools take part in activities to encourage active travel. Sustrans delivers assemblies and classroom sessions alongside outdoor practical lessons such as learn to ride, cycle maintenance and bike breakfasts.

Resources for teachers and parents

We now have a handy resource pack full of fun activities for teachers to use in the classroom, and for parents to use at home. Help children learn all about air pollution and conduct their own experiments, play some bike board games, or get creative and get them to bling their bike. Download the resource pack Sustrans resource pack and get started. 

Sustrans Leicester Schools Travel Survey

In June 2020, Sustrans carried out a survey with over 1400 parents from Leicester schools to ask them how their children travel to school, how they would like to travel to school and what would encourage them to walk or cycle to school more often.  View the results in the Leicester Schools Parents Travel Survey Highlights.


If you would like to find out more please contact one of our Sustrans officers: