Beaumont Lodge shops to Bennion Pools Nature Area

1 miles
30 minutes
Pushchair friendly
Wheelchair friendly
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Bennion Pools Nature Area Walk

Starting at the Beaumont Lodge shops on Astill Lodge Road, this route heads to Bennion Pools Nature Area, a little-known green space in Beaumont Leys on the north-west edge of Leicester. With woodland, grassland and pond habitats this is a great location to relax with nature. The route directions take you via Beaumont Lodge and the Churchbell Way cycle path, then meanders around the pools. However, you may prefer to explore the paths in the nature area at will. For this reason, the arrows on the map show the entry and exit route only and leave you to choose your preferred route around the pools.

Note: Some paths in Bennion Pools Nature Area are soft and uneven and can be muddy in the wetter seasons. Suitable footwear is recommended. The main paths are accessible to buggies and wheelchair users, but some of the side paths are narrow and unsurfaced and therefore not accessible. 

This walk is available as a PDF to download and is also on GoJauntly.

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Bennion Pools Nature Area Walk on GoJauntly


How to get there

Beaumont Lodge shops, Astill Lodge Road, Beaumont Leys, LE4 1EF.

There is a small car park at the Beaumont Lodge shops. Astill Lodge Road is also served by buses. The shops are just 1 mile from the Beaumont Shopping Centre. Try the Choose How You Move journey planner to plan your journey.

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