Walks from Victoria Park gates, London Road

2 miles
1 hour
Pushchair friendly
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Three short routes (of up to 1 hour) are available from this location. Routes have been created by Ramblers volunteers and are available on the Ramblers website. See links below. 

Register (free) on the Ramblers website to view full details and download the route.  A number of other short walks (under 3 miles) in Leicester are also available to download free. Longer routes are available to members only. 

The Ramblers is Britain’s national walking charity, helping everyone, everywhere experience the joy of walking. Visit the Ramblers website at www.ramblers.org.uk to find out more. 


Leicester Heritage – London Road in the 19th century

Route Summary: This short route takes in some of the beautiful and interesting buildings of London Road and other roads nearby, built between 1820 and early 1900. We walk part of the historic Evington Footway with a glimpse of the hidden Oxford Avenue. To access this route on the Ramblers website – click here. 


World War Memorial Walk

Route Summary: A walk in beautiful Victoria Park, taking in the different monuments to the fallen soldiers of the World Wars. To access this route on the Ramblers website – click here. 


Victoria Park History/Heritage

Route Summary: A walk exploring key features of history and heritage interest in and around Leicester’s Victoria Park. It covers notable events, buildings and people from a range of periods in history. To access this route on the Ramblers website – click here. 


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