Bennion Pools Nature Area

Bennion Pools Nature Area is a little-known green space in Beaumont Leys on the north-west edge of Leicester.  It includes woodland, grassland and pond habitats and is great for a bit of nature-spotting.  There are self-guided walks available in this area, why not check these out?  Bennion Pools Nature Area is just 1 mile from the Beaumont Shopping Centre. There is also a bus route nearby, on Astill Lodge Road. To plan your journey, visit the journey planner.

Map of Bennion Pools

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Activity: Clive goes Bird Spotting! 

Clive spotted plenty of bird life on his stroll through Bennion Pools Nature Area. Why not take a Wild Walk in a green space near you? How many different types of bird can you spot?  Use the spotter sheets to help you.   



Did you know that bread is unhealthy for wildfowl? Think of it as ‘fast food’ for birds. It can cause an imbalance in their diet and a nutrient deficiency. They can develop ‘Angel Wing’, a condition where one or both wings turn out and the bird cannot fly. Ducks and geese are natural grazers so next time you visit a pond, don’t take bread – simply watch the birds foraging for their natural food instead. Alternatively, provide small quantities of healthier options like uncooked porridge oats, or duck geese and swan pellets. 

Self-guided walks are available here 

Download a PDF route or use the Go Jauntly app to follow a series of photos and text, to guide you around a trail. Go Jauntly is a free community based app which can be downloaded to your smart phone.  

walk around Bennion Pools Nature Area

There and back: 1 miles / 1.6 km (about 30 minutes, steady pace. Allow longer for nature spotting).