Schools air quality pilot scheme

Starting with Clean Air Day activities and the Lockerbie Avenue street closure in 2021 and 2022, Leicester City Council has been working with Herrick Primary School, to reduce air pollution levels in Rushey Mead and specifically around Herrick Primary School.

Air pollution has a negative impact on people’s health and research shows us that vehicles are the biggest source of air pollution in Leicester.

Air pollution levels have been monitored by the University of Leicester in the Rushey Mead area for some time and data has shown a distinct difference between non-term time and term time levels of traffic and a difference in levels of air pollution, with pollution levels being lower during the school holidays and weekends. 

Together we hope the following actions will:

  • reduce air pollution
  • increase the numbers of people who choose to travel to school more sustainably
  • reduce the number of idling vehicles and 
  • create a safer, healthier neighbourhood for the school, residents, parents/carers and children. 

For further information see our letter to residents and parents [include link to letter?]