Over the past decade, there has been a large rise in traffic volumes on residential streets in this area. The traffic levels, percentage of through traffic and the speed of the traffic has been measured over the last couple of years. In some of the streets monitored up to 60% of the traffic recorded is through traffic and an even greater percentage is school-run traffic. 

At times buses and emergency vehicles struggle through the traffic and at other times the speed of traffic is inappropriately high for residential areas. Many residents have expressed their concerns to your Ward Councillor, MP or the City Council.

Leicester City Council has secured funding from the central government to help improve air quality and road safety in local neighbourhoods. One of the key aims of the funding is to reduce road traffic levels in specific areas of the city.

The measures have been designed so that every resident can access their property by car and can still be reached by the emergency services. The road closures will be created by the placement of planters that can be moved or removed if they create more congestion after the bedding in period. It is, however, important that they are kept in place long enough for The Council to measure whether they are working.

Whilst these measures are designed to make it more awkward to make short journeys by car, less traffic makes it easier to walk and cycle. Using the car less is one way to help reduce carbon emissions in this global climate crisis.

Local residents have the right to make objections to the scheme being made permanent, once the trials are in place. Officers will be attending a series of roadshows in the areas before the schemes are put in place and also once they are in place. These are your opportunity to talk with the Officers and let them know any particular concerns/difficulties that you might have. You can also get in contact with us using the email address: saferhealthierstreets@leicester.gov.uk