A Stroll from Beaumont Leys Children’s Centre

0.9 miles
under 30 minutes
Easy Access
Pushchair friendly
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A Stroll from Beaumont Leys Children’s Centre.

A short walk of just under one mile through local green spaces in the Home Farm area. The walk is designed for families with young children, with easy activities along the way. As you walk along try out the physical challenges and the observation activity – can you spot something in each colour of the rainbow?

This walk is also available on GoJauntly.  GoJauntly is a free community based app which can be downloaded to your smart phone. There you can find local walks to follow, and even create some of your own. Some free routes have been created on GoJauntly by volunteers for Leicester City Council. 

A stroll from Beaumont Leys Children’s Centre on GoJauntly


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